Experience and Heritage

The promoters of MMSL have been into textile industry for over six generations. This wealth of experience in the industry leads to an efficient sourcing and superior craftsmanship for both a circle of friends and an extended few who truly appreciate quality handcrafted shirts.

MMSL exemplifies timeless luxury and contemporary elegance.

Recently, MMSL has ventured into sophisticated handmade shoes with a paramount character.


Personal Touch

MMSL is a (handcrafted) high end luxury brand catering your desire of style and personal touch. The products go beyond experimentation and embody your imagination.



MMSL produces limited number of pieces per year maintaining an individual personality for each piece.


Passion and Quality

Each MMSL product is worked as though it was a single unique piece. Every procedure at MMSL is carried with superior quality in mind to deliver finest product with finest process for finest experience.